Giving You Control

Many retailers today rely heavily on their third party print supplier to handle their campaign production which translates to a vendor lock in.

In today's market of competitive pricing in print means if you are locked in to your print supplier because without them you wouldn't get tickets to store then you have lost control and inevitably budgets can suffer.

apt is not affiliated with any print supplier and can be used in conjunction with internal or external printing function to ensure your process is paramount giving you the freedom to choose where you do business.

better workflows

Complete Campaign Management

Campaign Manager

apt provides you with the tools to get the job done efficiently, accurately and with confidence. Many retailers deal with their promotional campaign management in tools such as Excel and feel the pain of long lead times in turning their campaigns into tickets in store.

A feeling of lack of control in what's going on in a campaign is commonplace and all has one bottom line effect: a reduced ability to react to market and have the most effective promotions.

Not only does apt allow you to have full control of your current campaigns, it also holds all of the metric data regarding past campaigns allowing for you to look for trends and successes in past ventures.

Your workflow is an important part of your work function and we realise that adapting to new technology that enforces a different way to work is difficult and sometimes impossible due to business resistance. apt is build to embrace your existing workflows and allows you to improve at a pace that suits you.

With complete user specific functionality and the ability to approve and review online means you can manage your campaigns from the comfort of your web browser.

Artwork Generation in Minutes

At the heart of apt is the artwork generation engine allowing you to build rich artwork based on templates in no time at all. Whether you are generating artwork for a complete campaign or a store has a requirement for a one off ticket then apt can serve your needs on a large scale. Powered by the Amazon Cloud means apt is always up to the job of handling your requests with no fear of downtime.

Real Time Review/Amend/Approve

Artwork Editor

The current/traditional way of ensuring artwork is ready for print was to receive printed proofs from a print supplier and then making any amends via the original artworker and this back and forth process went on until you were happy with the results.

If this sounds familiar then you know the frustration and restrictions on getting artwork approved in a rapid manner ready to hit the shelves.

This is where apt allows you to throw away all of those unnecessary steps and take control of the process yourself.

apt allows you to review your artwork online and amend the rich content until you are happy to approve it, all with just a few clicks. The best part is the speed in which you can go from promotion idea to approved artwork in minutes rather than days.

Target Promotions to Where They Matter

Many retailers today have a substantial issue of waste in their printed tickets because they blanket allocate promotional material to stores that don't even stock the products in the promotion.

This not only causes environmental waste issues but is also simply a waste of money and not cost effective. Exisiting solutions to solve this problem are usually maintained by third party print suppliers who handle the allocations and logistics of getting tickets to store in a time consuming and sometimes inaccurate way.

This is where apt can really help reduce these issues by being able to process your allocations into store specific promotional packs meaning stores only ever receive what they actually need.

apt can also generate store manifests, layout instructions or pretty much anything you can think of to support your logistic function.

publish anywhere

Publish Wherever You Want

The standard function of many retailers is to generate printed material to capture the shopper's attention at shelf edge. apt naturally supports this function by allowing you to print your campaigns out directly in store or to print centrally with any third party print supplier of your choice.

The way in which we consume data is changing, internet, mobile and new shelf technology are just a few ways in which consumers are now experiencing the choice to buy. apt allows you to publish your data to any output channel you desire, from e-paper, mobile marketing to social networks.

Embraces Existing Workflows

We know that you already have existing ways of working, perhaps tried and tested systems, spreadsheet or other functions that you rely on and just can't expect your workforce to change overnight for the sake of a new piece of technology.

That's why we've built apt with this in mind because apt embraces your existing workflows and can work with whatever your doing now to allow you to evolve your processes into a more efficient way, which gives you a great chance of success and a better return on investment.

Reacting To Market Instantly

On Demand

As apt is a full user permission controlled solution, you can give your stores direct access to the features that matter to them. If there is a need to generate emergency tickets for whatever reason such as reacting to competition or just simply through damaged stock, then apt gives you that control at your fingertips.

Perhaps you want to reduce your lead times from promotion brief to shelf edge because you know the shorter the time frame the better the impact, apt strips away all of the time consuming processes that are apparent today and allows you to work as quick as you need.

Rapid Deployment

Because of the dynamic and adaptable nature of apt, it means we can identify, solve and create a solution that suits your immediate needs in a matter of weeks, which not only improves your processes faster but is more cost effective.

When your processes change and improve or you require more branding or rebranding, then apt can happily support you along your journey ensuring you success every step of the way.

Transparency and Accountability

One of the unsung features of apt is the full traceability aspect of users of the solution. Everyone who changes a ticket, updates an allocation or prints out additional tickets is logged through apt giving you the ability to see who has done what and when. No more passing the buck, responsibility and accountability is now transparent and effective.


The rich feature set that apt provides gives you a complete solution to solving today's problems. With the apt at your fingertips you will bring yourself into a digital age of efficiency and cost savings.


Regaining control of your own processes means you now have a wider variety of options of how you do business, who you do business with and where and when you want to target your customers.


This may all sound too good to be true and the best part is it is true and available for you today.

If you want to know more about apt or just want to see how we can help your business then get in touch today at info@sysdia.com.